The Computer Boy - www.horriblelogos.comIf you ever thought your logo was horrible check out  The site isn’t a collection of horrible logos collected from around the web but actually a collection of horrible logos all created by the same person!

For just $5  you too can have your own horrible logo created. If they misspell something – it is because they meant to. If you don’t like the final product – you can’t get a refund.  You are buying a horrible logo. They kind of tell you that up front.

Actually some of the logos are pretty clever.  Some, like ours pictured with this post, are not. Either way the site does a good job of posting the logo and linking to it on their FacebookTwitter and other social media accounts.  Their website also proudly displays your horrible logo along with hundreds of others.  All of  these links to your logo and website of course help your Search Engine Rankings. Because they are such a popular site having your name and website link posted on their page and social media accounts helps build your credibility.

For $5 it really is cheap advertising.  Besides you may get lucky with a good, correction, really horrible logo.