A few days ago we wrote about using Google 2 step verification to access our Gmail. Since that time we’ve been using 2 step verification for all of our TheComputerBoy.com email addresses and even our personal Gmail address (ever since one of our coworkers pointed it out after seeing us check personal email).

A few days down and we are happy to report all is good…and secure!

Some notes that we need to clarify from our earlier post.  If you use an Android phone you can install the Google Authenticator App which will display your code so you can save on the text messages.  The code changes every 30 seconds or so.

Delegated Accounts – One thing we discovered quickly this week is the sharing of accounts becomes very difficult with 2 step verification.  Previously we allowed multiple TheComputerBoy.com employees to use the same email account to respond to customer requests.  Since the account now requires 2 step verification it is impossible to allow all of the employees to continue this practice.  To solve this problem we made them all “delegates” to the account.  As the 2 step verification process is voluntary it appears it isn’t enforced onto delegate accounts.  Problem solved.