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TheComputerBoy.comWhat started as a website to list computer tips and tricks for family and friends turned into a small business. TheComputerBoy was officially formed in early 2011 after a suggestion from our owner, Todd’s, wife. You can read more about Todd on his LinkedIn or Google+ profiles but we will give you a quick summary here as well.

Todd was given his first computer when he was about 10 years old. From there he learned DOS and eventually got access to a fancy new program that came on 25 floppy diskettes called Windows.  Todd learned more and more and became that little kid who could help all of the adults.

While going to school, Todd took a few courses in computers however got side tracked by Criminal Justice. Todd started working at the police department of the city he grew up in and eventually made it to their computer forensic unit.

During his time in the computer forensic unit, Todd obtained somewhere in the ball park of 800 hours in computer forensics training. During his career, he worked on hundreds of computer related items including laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablets, thumb drives, network attached items and more.

In 2007 Todd attended the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists conference and later became a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE valid through 2017). Todd also has certifications from Guidance Software (EnCE) and CompTIA (Network+, A+). Todd has been designated a computer forensics expert witness in court on multiple occasions even testifying once on Court TV!

What does this all have to do with websites and domain names? Nothing really. We just want to make sure you know what kind of people you’re dealing with.

In 2002 Todd began helping a local police union build a website. He expanded his services to other law enforcement organizations and today provide assistance to the Tempe Officer’s Association, the Gilbert Police Leadership Association, the Arizona Auto Theft Investigator’s Association, the Arizona Gang Investigator’s Association and the International Outlaw Motorcycle Investigator’s Association.

Todd helps non-law enforcement sites as well.  Some of our favorites are Proof Before You Publish, Organ Stop Pizza and Allergy Associates of Northern Virginia. For a bigger list of some of the websites we’ve built, click here.

In 2016 life became really good for We have established a steady list of clients with monthly maintenance plans which keep us busy. As such we are not taking on any new clients or building new websites at this time.

Our domain name and web hosting prices are available to everyone so please take advantage while you can. Thank you for visiting us today.


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