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A few benefits of Amazon Prime:

  1. Half off several unlocked phones. These come with ads on the lock screen, Prime Music, Prime Video and Prime Photos but otherwise they are just like any other Android device. We haven’t tested the ability to flash a new ROM to remove the ads.
  2. Order items on Alexa.  This is not a good idea. Use Google Assistant.  You can use Alexa to track shipments.
  3. Prime members get 20% off video games ordered during the first two weeks after release. This does not apply to digital downloads.
  4. Prime Video. This can be streamed over 3G & 4G however it take a lot of data (~5.5GB an hour) so watch your limit. You can also download videos on WiFI and watch them later.
  5. Prime Music. About 2 million songs in the library.
  6. Share it – Prime membership can be shared with 1 other adult at the same address and 4 kids.
  7. Prime Reading and audible books.  Plus Kindle Lending Library for those with a Kindle device.
  8. Prime Students – half price for Prime ($49 a year).  Also get $10 for every student referral.
  9. Prime Now – get a bunch of items delivered within a few hours.