Google_Play_Store_Logo_456This weekend’s challenge was to build a mobile app.  When researching the requirements of creating an Android App vs. iOS App and adding in the costs associated with posting each in the Google or Apple Appstore, I took the cheap(er) road of Android. Owning a Nexus 6 might have factored into the decision as well.

It turns out the process of building a basic Android App is not very hard. There are several online and downloadable resources to help in this area. I ended up using a service named Andromo however I’m still not sure it was the best way to go.

I won’t go into deep detail regarding Andromo as their website has the tutorials and information needed to walk you through the process.  The basics of Andromo allow you to build your app and add various “activities” ranging from contact pages, rss feeds, social media links and more. I found myself mostly using the “custom page” option and inserting the html needed to fully customize my page (not for beginners). Most of the other activities worked fine however lacked the customization I was looking for.

If you are interested in a building an app for your website and getting it published in the Google Playstore, contact me for pricing.

To test the advertisement options, I created two apps this weekend. Install them on your Android device, take them for a spin and let me know what you think.