Just two days ago we wrote about a new service from Google called Android Device Manager.  They advertised the service would be available by the end of the month which apparently meant today.  You can now locate, ring and erase your Android device(s) from any internet connection.  Visit http://www.android.com/devicemanager to get started.  You can also find it by visiting http://play.google.com and clicking on the settings / ‘cog’ icon.

If your device isn’t listed or doesn’t work right away make sure to check the ‘Device Administrators’ option under Security / Settings on your device.  The Android Device Manager option is listed there and needs to be checked for your device to work.

This should serve as a big warning to those that leave their Google accounts logged in on unsecure computers…if your phone or tablet is set up then anyone accessing a computer where you are logged in can determine your phone’s location or worse, wipe your device.  If there has ever been a time to turn on two-step authentication this might be it.

For more information on two-step authentication, check out this HowToGeek.com article – http://www.howtogeek.com/130844/secure-yourself-by-using-two-step-verification-on-these-16-web-services/