The Computer Boy - Android MarketI read an article the other day that 1 out of every 3 cellular phones now has the Android operating system on it. This number was somewhat reinforced when I found out 3 coworkers, who I would not have previously described as being on the cutting edge of technology, recently obtained the new Verizon Thunderbolt phone.

As I talked to one of these new Thunderbolt / Android owners about their phone the conversation slowly but surely led to “What apps do you have on your phone?”

While I fumbled through my phone showing different apps and waiting for them to search the market place and attempt to download them I thought of two things that may help new Android users.

The first is a website and app called AppBrain (  With AppBrain you can view the AppBrain website to see reviews about various apps.  When you find an app you like you can even directly install it to your phone right from the website.  Another neat feature of AppBrain is the ability to store your “app list” online so it can be used in case you need to wipe your phone or the list can even be shared with others.

Below is a preview of my AppBrain list. For the full list click here.

The next thing I thought of for new Android users was Google’s own App Market (  The market uses your Google username and password to sync the apps on your phone.  Like the previously mentioned AppBrain site you can install applications directly to your phone from the website.  I also like the App Market because it separates the apps into categories and even includes “Top Free” and “Top Paid” sections.

Personally I love my Android phone and recommend it to anyone.  If you have a Macintosh computer at home and love iTunes you may want to look at an iPhone, however, short of that, Android is definitely the way to go.