ematicLast summer we purchased a Nexus 7 tablet and have loved it since day 1.  Earlier this week Ematic announced a similar Android Tablet named Genesis Prime for the low down price of $79.

While the specifications for this device are impressive (Android 4.1, certified Google Apps like Chrome, Gmail, Maps & Play Store and most importantly price!) the lack of storage space and battery life are concerning.  Listed at 4GB of storage, everyone knows you never really get access to all of the storage due to the operating system itself.  The same goes with the 4.5 hours of listed battery life.

While this looks like a great deal for someone on a budget, we’re going to pass for the adults in the house.  The price and tablet may be the right fit for the kids however.  Remember, you can find used Nexus 7 tablet for about $100 more and it will definitely be worth the money for 16 or 32 GB of storage.

Ematic – Genesis Prime 7 Google Certified Tablet