annemercierauthorMy latest website is all about the romance.  Seriously like Amazon and USA Today Best Seller type stuff.  Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce Anne Mercier (

Her initial website was dark and not very “girly.”  I have to admit my wife helped me with the girly aspect but we certainly made the site more in tune with the genre.  Lots of hearts, lots of pink and of course lots of fun.

Honestly the website conversion was painful. The web designer hired before me hard coded everything making any change or update require multiple lines of code to be updated.  Not only was it hard for me to update items, it was nearly impossible for the site’s owner to change anything.

Keep it simple should always apply.  The websites we create are yours and yours to keep, change, take down or do what ever you want with.  In Anne’s case, we’re not done either.  We set up an online Paypal shopping cart to order signed copies of her books and “Rockstar” swag is right around the corner.

Looking for a Rockstar Romance book series, check out