The Computer Boy - AVG Anti-VirusAfter yesterday’s post about K9 Web Protection we received several messages asking what Anti-Virus program we recommend. The short answer is AVG Anti-Virus. They provide a free version of their software that doesn’t bog down your computer with updates and scans. The program simply works and you can’t beat the price (free for home use).

The longer answer is anti-virus starts with you.  It is very rare that malware or other harmful programs make their way into reputable websites (we’ll save the Microsoft Windows is a harmful program debate for later!). It should also be rare that the friend you’ve only emailed one time in the last six years sends you a “joke video” with attached message to open right away. By accessing only reputable websites and not opening suspicious email attachments you exponentially decrease your odds of downloading a virus.

At our day job we examine hundreds of computers a year, many of which are infected with some type of virus. It may be a coincidence but pretty much all of those infected computers are also loaded with pornography and show histories of accessing pornographic and other file sharing websites regularly. File sharing is not limited to downloading from websites however.  Programs that involve file sharing (Limewire is public enemy #1) are often full of malware and other harmful software just waiting to be downloaded.

AVG Anti-Virus is a good start however it should only be one tool in keeping your computer clean.