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Originally created in 2002 as a way to store family information, BaileyUSA.com has been moved a few times and now resides as a sub-folder of www.TheComputerBoy.com.  This gives us the benefit of using TheComputerBoy’s SSL (https://) connection.  Any information you view on BaileyUSA.com will be encrypted while in transport from our server to your browser.

Family history is always a work in progress.  Unfortunately everything is kind of disorganized right now.  I’ve seem to have lost my free time over the past few years.  If there is a specific question please use the contact form to send me a message.  I’ll see if the answer is available and get back to you.

New Layout

For return visitors, we recently updated the layout of our website to better suite your browsing experience. The new layout is designed for responsive content and can be viewed from a desktop or mobile browser equally. If you have any issues with the site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If visiting from a mobile device look for the three horizontal bars button in the upper right corner of the website.  This will display the menu with further options.

Thank you for visiting.