“Microsoft Now Recommends You Use a Third-Party Antivirus.”

Yes, the Windows Operating System comes with “comprehensive malware protection” in the form of Microsoft Security Essentials however, Microsoft apparently sees the malware protection as a base layer of protection.  The senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center advises Windows users to use a third-party antivirus program and not rely on MSE only.

In 2009, MSE was considered by some as the best free anti-virus program available.  In recent tests, MSE has come in last place and even failed some anti-virus certifications.

One of our favorite websites, HowToGeek.com, covers the rise and fall of MSE in this article.  They also answer the question that most of us have, “So what should I use?”  Avast Free is the answer for those not interested in reading the article.   You can find the Avast Free download here.

We’ve used Avast Free in the past along with the free edition of AVG.  Both programs do a good job once installed however be careful not to be tricked into downloading and installing a full version trial.  You’ll have to deal with some adds and links to purchase the full version but Avast Free should keep you safe.