With all of the talk recently about Android Device Manager (ADM) and its ability to locate or wipe your lost phone, Android users should be aware there are some pretty good alternatives out there.  One such app for Android is Cerberus Anti Theft.  A side note for Apple users, stick with your “Find my phone” app.  It works pretty well and the price is right.

While ADM will likely expand with future releases, today’s version only gives you three options – Locate, Ring or Wipe.  Cerberus  adds the option to lock your phone, display a message on the screen, record audio, take video, pictures and more.  You can download the call log, the SMS log, or even have the phone make an outgoing call.

To activate Cerberus, log in to their website (https://www.cerberusapp.com) or send your phone a special SMS code and command.  The process and use of the app is really pretty easy.


Cerberus gives other options that jump into action before or after your phone has been stolen.  Settings allow the phone to take a picture if the screen lock is improperly entered more then a certain number of times. While this may take a picture of your kids guessing your passcode, it may also take a picture of the bad guy guessing your passcode!  The pictures are emailed to you.

You can also have the application “hidden” so it doesn’t show up in your list of apps.  During setup you program a special phone number, which when dialed causes the app to re-appear.

Unlike ADM, Cerberus isn’t free.  The one-time $3.99 price tag (2.99 Euro) is fairly priced given all the options you receive.  You can also install the app on up to 5 devices.

Cerberus gives a free 7-day trial so you can try out the various options before paying for the app.  Learn more in the Google Play Store – Cerberus Anti Theft