If you ever find yourself forgetting to purchase things at the grocery store or split up with another shopper after arriving to “divide and conquer,” today’s App is for you.  Its called OurGroceries and its available for your Android, Blackberry, iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch or online.

The App basically allows you to create lists that are instantly sync’d between different devices. Not only does the App give you the ability to make a shopping list on the go, it instantly syncs with the other shoppers in your house. While you may need something from the store but won’t have time to go shopping, your other shopper / significant other may see it on their list and stop to pick it up for you.

A neat trick (thanks SZ and DE for the idea) is to create lists for each store you frequently visit. For example you may add a list named Costco, a list named Frys and a list named Target with each containing the items you need to pick up at each store. Each list can be viewed from any sync’d device or online using any Internet browser.

The App also has a Recipes section to store the ingredients of your favorite recipes. After setting up your favorite recipe you can check off the ingredients / put them back on your list as you run out. The ingredients are stored with the recipe so you don’t have to keep adding them over and over each time you mark them off. Just mark each ingredient as needed or not needed and sort your list as appropriate.

The OurGroceries.com webpage has a great Features and FAQ page set up to give more information.  The App is free (supported by Ads).  Happy shopping.