cox-netIf you use a email address, you are probably missing a lot of email that is blocked by their spam filter.  Sadly, the email is blocked and you may never know it.

The SpamBlocker settings on webmail for default to “Delete incoming junk email automatically.” While this initially sounds like a good idea, you really have to trust the spam filter is never wrong.  If it is wrong, you’ll never know.

I highly suggest using a lower setting which sets up a SPAM folder.  Under this lower setting, incoming mail believed to be spam skips your inbox and is delivered to this new folder.  At least this way you can double check the filter to make sure you aren’t losing anything important.

Step #1 – Log in to your webmail account.  Visit  Along the right side of the page is a sign in box. Look for the “Webmail” link and use it to log in.  You’ll need to use your email address and password.

Screenshot 2015-04-04 at 23.12.05(Click to image to enlarge)


Step #2 – After you log in to Webmail, you’ll be taken to your inbox.  Along the top of you inbox is a set of blue colored buttons.  The 2nd button from the right is named “Settings.”  Click it to continue.

Screenshot 2015-04-04 at 23.14.21 (Click to image to enlarge)

Step #3 – After you click on settings, a whole bunch of options will be presented.  Look along the right column toward the bottom for “SpamBlocker Settings.”  Click it to continue.

Screenshot 2015-04-04 at 23.16.29 (Click to image to enlarge)

Step #4 – On this last page you’ll see the top option to “Delete incoming junk email automatically” is the default selection.  Change it to the middle option to have a folder named “Spam” created and junk mail delivered there. You’ll just have to remember to check your spam folder once every 21 days or else the messages will be deleted.

Screenshot 2015-04-04 at 23.17.57 (Click to image to enlarge)

You can also use the last setting “Tag junk email with –SPAM–” to have the messages delivered to your inbox. It may be a wise choice to start with this last option and if you get too much spam in your inbox, move the setting to the 2nd option.  Either way, you are likely to get messages that were automatically deleted before without your knowledge.