I haven’t tried this yet but free movies for the kids is always a good thing.

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Want to score a free copy of Wreck-It-Ralph? Download the brand new Android Disney Movies Anywhere app here: http://goo.gl/ZpcXue or login to the DMA website here: http://goo.gl/NH48nd . Once you login, choose to link your Google account and once you do so, you will have Wreck-It-Ralph in your library for free!

Disney and Google Play Movies just announced a partnership in which Disney/Marvel movies you purchase on either iTunes, Disney Movies Anywhere(including physical discs which come with the code), and Google Play Movies are all shared among eachother for free.  For example, I redeemed a digital copy of The Avengers in iTunes, but now it shows up on the DMA website as well as my Google Play Movies library. It actually surprises me how pro-consumer this new partnership is.

BONUS: If you have a Roku, you can also get X-Men for free by downloading the Google Play Movies channel and logging in.