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TheComputerBoy.comThere are over 200 million website names registered throughout the world. Benefits of obtaining your own domain name include promoting your business or organization, reaching a global audience 24 hours a day, using customer email addresses but most importantly controlling your online presence.

Domain registration services are available for most top-level domains with many starting at just $10.99 a year! Use the following search box to get started.

Search for your domain:


If you are looking for a domain extension not listed above, contact us. We currently register over 90 different extensions available.

Here is the BIG LIST of domain name extensions available.

Each registration includes:

    • FREE DNS Management
    • FREE Email Forwarding
    • Privacy Protection for only $3.25 per year

Don’t worry if you don’t know what DNS, Forwarding and Privacy Protection is. We will help answer your questions and get everything set up. Some domain name registrars only offer these extras for a fee, for example $9.99 per year for Privacy Protection alone!


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