Believe it or not the file syncing program Dropbox has been around for a little over 2 years having recently updated to version 1.0. We’ve discussed Dropbox before, but version 1.0 brings new options that are worthy of a second look.

One of the biggest updates is the ability to “selective sync” so you can customize which folders and files will sync on various installations. This will come in handy

when we save certain files at home that don’t need to sync onto our work computers. In addition to the selective sync, the newest version fixes several bugs and improves overall performance.

There are hundreds of advanced tips and tricks you can perform using Dropbox.  The page is a good place to start and includes examples of how to print files from your mobile phone, sync passwords with KeePass, read books on your iPhone and more. Our favorite website,, also has hundreds of items related to Dropbox.

As a reminder, the free version of Dropbox gives you 2.0 gigabytes of storage space. With each friend you refer you and the referrer both gain another 256 megabytes of space.