We love Dropbox and have written about it before (here and here) but they’ve surprised us again. Through the end of January 2011 you can take a Dropbox scavenger hunt type challenge on their website and increase the size of your storage capacity by up to 1GB.

There are basically a bunch of questions that lead from webpage to forum to downloads to online puzzles and more.  After each step your Dropbox capacity is increased a variable amount.  Answer a hard question and you might get 250mb added to your account.

We took the challenge last night and were able to get most of the answers. Sadly we weren’t in the top 100 or whatever is required for a bonus but we did place in the top 74,400 or so!  If you get stuck they have lots of hints (and answers) in their user forums. Or you can just cheat.

Don’t wait as this only lasts for a few more days.  Dropquest 2011