In the past week I’ve received three links from Facebook Friends that could be defined as Spam.  Our Facebook Friends say their accounts got “hacked” but more than likely they installed an application unknowingly by clicking on a link they received from someone else.  The application then generates the links and sends out the spam like message to all of the people in their friend list.

Here are the steps to see what applications you have installed on your Facebook Account.  Don’t recognize one?  You can Google it and see if that brings up more information or simply uninstall it.

1) Log into your account and click on Account – Privacy Settings

2) On the bottom left under Apps and Websites click on Edit Your Settings

3) On the line that says Apps You Use click on Edit Settings

4) You will be presented with a list of Apps installed on your Facebook Account. Click the X to delete the application or Edit Settings to see exactly what each application can and cannot do.

While we’re at it check the Privacy settings for your photo albums.  Most people just assume since their account is set to “Friends Only” that their photo albums are set the same way.  Facebook treats albums individually.  To check follow these steps.

1) Log into your account and click on Account – Privacy Settings

2) Under Sharing on Facebook in the middle at the bottom – click on the Customize Settings link

3) Under Things I Share at the very bottom – click on the Edit Album Privacy link

4) A list of your Photo Albums will be displayed along with the setting for each.  More then likely you want to set these all to Friends Only.