Here is a little known trick to posting status updates in Facebook. Using the ‘@’ symbol before a page or friend’s name will insert a link in your Facebook status with a pop up window describing their page. You already have to “like” or be “friends” with the page you’re referring to of course. Some screenshots to help show what will happen:

As you begin writing a status update and come to the point where you are mentioning another Facebook Page or Facebook Friend type the ‘@’ symbol:

As you begin to type the name of the Friend or Fan Page a drop down menu will appear with Friends or Fan Pages you’ve already liked.  In this example Fan Page appears as I start to type @the.

Select the Friend or Fan Page you are referring to. The status update will show the Friend or Fan Page’s name in a shaded or grey highlighted font.

When you are finished with your status update go ahead and post like normal. The highlighted name will appear just like any other link. Here is a picture of what the sample status update looks like on a friend’s page.

When your friend places their mouse cursor above the link a pop up window will appear with a brief description of the Friend or Fan Page. Here is a picture of the status update and pop up window that appears when the mouse is placed over link:

Another nice feature of the pop up window is the “Like” button at the bottom.  I placed a large red arrow pointing to it for reference.

Using the ‘@’ symbol before a Friend or Fan Page you already like automatically inserts a link to it and gives those reading your status update a quick way to “like” the same page…without having to actually visit the new page!

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