Favicons (like favorite icons) are the little graphics that you see in the address bar of newer internet browsers. Some coding is required on the website to display the favicon and some browsers don’t support them, but favicons can add a nice little finishing touch to any website.

While a 16 pixel by 16 pixel graphics doesn’t sound hard to make I recommend using one of the several online favicon makers out there. Some of the sites will allow you to upload a current graphic and have a favicon made from it, others will allow you to start drawing away in 16 x 16 pixel square. You can even have animated favicons.

Google will provide an updated list of free favicon makers but some are included here for you as well.

Favicon Generator – create favicons from text
Favicon Editor
Dynamic Drive FavIcon Generator
Favicon Convertor
Favicon Maker

In WordPress we suggest using “All in one Favicon” available at the plugin site or just search for Favicon on the add new ¬†plugins page.