Almost 27 years ago (November 1985) Microsoft released the first version of Windows.  The first copy we got our hands on, Version 3.1, was released about 5 years later and required more than twenty five 5.25 inch floppy diskettes!

Today WindowsXP (released October 2001) and Windows7 (released October 2009) are the most popular Windows versions in use.  Windows8 is scheduled to be released shortly and is currently available for free as a 90-day evaluation.

One important thing to remember about the evaluation software is it can’t be upgraded later.  90 days after activating the software it will cease to function.  Microsoft also will not provide technical support on the evaluation so you’ll have to work through any problems you may encounter.

On a good note, the hardware requirements for Windows8 are the same as Windows7….and the price is right. Our suggestions is to try Windows8 in a virtual machine or, if you’re up to it, dual boot Windows7 and Windows8 on the same machine. has a step-by-step tutorial with further instructions.

We personally haven’t set up or experienced Windows8 yet however, based on past performance we probably won’t be upgrading anytime soon…