Today’s “How To” is all about Gmail for your domain. If you already have a domain name such as “” and want to send and receive email with an address like,, or any other email address you can…for free. That is right…with a little bit of elbow grease and setup everyone’s favorite search engine Google makes it all free.

The process involves Google Apps which once set up gives you access to use email, calendar, docs, and other applications like Blogger, Picasa, Reader and more.

The process does involve setting custom DNS settings on your domain, setting up and validating user accounts and other steps that can be a bit confusing. If you need assistance getting Google Apps for your domain setup please contact us as we can assist.

The remainder of this how article will show how to add a new user account…

The first step is to login to one of your administrator accounts and click on the “Manage this domain” in the upper right corner.

The first page displayed after logging in is referred to as the “Dashboard”

Toward the top of the dashboard is a tab named “Organization & users”. Click on it to display a list of your current users.

You’ll notice right above the list of user accounts is the option to “create a new user”. Clicking on this option will bring up a pop up like window asking for the new users name and new email address.

This information cannot be changed by the user later so make sure to enter appropriate information.

After entering the appropriate information the new account will appear in your user’s list. Clicking on the user’s name will bring up a user information type page where you can store nicknames (for example you can have also go to the specific account), change passwords, or assign the user to a predefined group

That covers how to add new users in Google Apps for My Domain. In a future How To we’ll cover how to create multiple accounts at one time, discuss what Groups are and maybe even cover adding a 2nd domain name ( and

In the meantime you can check out our Google vs. Outlook article.