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Some good technology based websites for your review.  In alphabetical order:

Ars Technica – For computer enthusiasts covering a wide array of technology, science and gaming news.

BGR – Boy Genius Report likes to cover gadgets especially mobile phones.

Busines Insider – Tech – A Silicon Valley news site sharing tech news amongst other stuff

Cnet – Good reviews and perspectives of how technology influences peoples lives today and in the future.

Electronista – “Gadgets for Geeks” seems to lean toward Macintosh News but offers news on technology, gadgets, mobile phones, DVR, GPS, and digital photography,

Engadget – Engadget is home to the latest and greatest gadgets publishing updates around the clock. – They have, um, Geek stuff.

GigaOm – Covering items such as cloud, mobile, science & energy amongst others. Has been linked to telecommunications news.

Gizmodo – This site offers reviews of gadgets, gizmos and cutting-edge consumer electronics.

HowToGeek – Reviews, tutorials, trivia and everything else a geek needs daily.

iLounge – For Apple “i” stuff…iPod, iTunes, iPhone and more.

Kotaku – Gaming news, tips, reviews and other related information from those people that bring you Lifehacker, Gizmodo and others.

Krebs On Security – In-depth security news and investigation

Labnol – Not the biggest or most updated website, but still some good stuff.

Lifehacker – A daily winner for years.  About 60% tech and 40% life hacks, a little bit of something for everyone.

louisgray – A blog that covers geeks, gadgets and startups. “Introducing you to what’s new, what’s next and what’s nifty.”

Mashable – Your source for anything and everything all mashed up in one place.

Official Google Blog – The official source for all things Google.

PCWorld – We get the magazine so might as well check out the online version too.  Reviews of tech related products, news and downloads of freeware and shareware.

ReadWrite – Web stuff, trends, social networking sites, social media apps, etc.

Schneier – Home of Schneier on Security covering security issues on and off the grid.

Slashdot – A site offering news from around the Web.

Techcrunch – “TC” as friends call it, is a very good source for web and tech related stuff.

TechRepublic – A little bit of computers, mobile phones, Microsoft, Apple, Google.

TechSpot – Daily news coverage, product reviews, buying guides and download updates.

TheComputerBoy – A great website in our opinion. Domain names for $10.99 and cheap hosting.

TheRegister – “Biting the hands that feeds I.T.” A little bit of everything from our friends across the pond.