The Computer Boy - KindleThis article is for our Kindle-owning readers who aren’t afraid to tinker a little.

A request came in recently to figure out a way to add .PDF files to a Kindle. We’re big iPad fans and have never really played with a Kindle before but have heard good reviews from coworkers and family. Tonight, in the privacy of our own little office, we were able to completely break down a Kindle 3G to the base circuit board, screen, keyboard and about 63 screws. It took a little while to pry off the outer casing but everything went smoothly after that. Just kidding EK – we never took apart your Kindle.

Prior to starting our hands on, we preformed a little research on the Kindle’s ability to view .PDF files. Much to our delight we found a great article on that lists exactly what files the Kindle will work with and various methods to get those files onto the device. Ultimately we went with the (free) direct connect via USB cable method. Once connected the Kindle showed up on our computer as an external hard drive. We copied the .PDF file over to the “documents” folder on the Kindle and our task was complete.

On a side note we found a great article about Jail Breaking, I mean customizing a Kindle on The process involved saving a setup type file to the Kindle and rebooting. A second setup file and reboot allowed us to add custom wallpaper. The image above and to the left was our first venture into custom wallpaper. How did we do?