Facebook gives users several privacy options including Only Me, Specific Lists, Friends or Friends of Friends.  By default some options are set to the Friends of Friends option but have you ever really thought about how many people that is?

Say you have 100 friends who each have 100 friends.  Of course there will be some overlapping of friends but you’re talking 10,000 people right there.  Now throw in the “popular” person who has 2,000 plus friends and assume each one of your 100 friends has a popular friend like that and 10,000 quickly becomes a much bigger number.

Much bigger like SEVEN MILLION!

A study by Pew Internet where 269 voluntary participants allowed their Facebook usage to be downloaded showed the participants averaged 359 Facebook friends.  Interestingly the study says the overall average for Facebook users is 245 friends.  Of the 269 who participated, their “Friends of Friends” averaged 156,569 connections!  The profile with the most Friends of Friends topped out over 7,821,772!  The study showed the median user was around 31,170 which indicated the few accounts in the millions really raised the overall average.

The study goes into more detail on the average number of status updates posted by men verse women, the number of messages sent verse received on a monthly basis and more.  Here is a link to the full study published online – http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Facebook-users/Summary.aspx