Earlier this month we posted an article about how now is not a good time to buy an iPad.  Rumors and speculation of an iPad 2 launch just around the corner made purchasing the “original” iPad seem like a bad idea.  The recommendation not to buy a device that has been sold over 15 million times and is still less then a year old seems strange but keep reading.

Apple is notorious for releasing new models of a product each year at the same time.  This is what led most tech folks to believe the iPad 2 was destined to show up in March or April of 2011.


Then came this…

A media event announcement from Apple scheduled for March 2nd showing an iCal type calendar page with the top right corner being peeled away. Underneath the peeling corner appears to be…an iPad.  Is March 2nd just a coincidence or was the 2nd day of the month possibly selected to announce version 2?

The rumors are still there:  Two cameras, faster processors, better graphics chips, possibly GSM & CDMA compatible (now that Apple and Verizon seem to be good friends), a dedicated SD Card slot, better speakers and more.  We’re willing to bet we’ll all find out what the iPad 2 has in less then a week but what we won’t  know is the answer to an even worse rumor…the iPad 3 is coming in September!

Yes throw a fat wrench into the yearly remodel but they might have a good reason.  The feeling is there are so many Android styled tablets scheduled to be released later this year that Apple can’t afford to sit back and miss the entire 2nd half of the year and most importantly 2011 holiday season. Considering the iPad sold over 7 million times in the first six months of its initial release, Apple can probably count on 7 million more iPad 2 sales before iPad 3 comes out in September/October….plenty of time before Christmas.

We’d better clarify something before the end of this article…no we’re not getting a new iPad honey.  You’ll just have to keep hogging the one we bought for ourselves last year thinking you’d never like or use it.