We’ve been asked several times in the last few weeks if now is a good time to buy an iPad.  A little over a year ago we posted an article describing “the sucker line.”  The sucker line is the date in which a new model is so close to being released you may end up paying full price for a model that will be “last year’s model” in only a few weeks.

Apple is notorious for introducing new models each year around the same time.  September brings a new iPod model.  June usually has millions of people lining up to buy the next generation iPhone.   With the iPad having been released in April 2010 and iPad2 released in March 2011, now may not be the time to go out and buy a new iPad 2.  Apple already has a media event scheduled for March 7th.

A used model at a good discount may be a different story but we’ve seen no indication of a price change for the iPad3.  Have patience, your spending dollar may go farther in just a few weeks.

iPad3 rumors include increased screen resolution, a faster processor, maybe more ram, a front facing high definition camera for those who like to video chat and 4G LTE speeds.  There is even rumor this new hardware will be capable of running and may come installed with Siri!