On November 15th Amazon will release their newest tablet called the “Kindle Fire.”  The specifications and early reviews have a lot of people calling the Fire the first real competition for the iPad.

With 18 million movies, television shows, songs, magazines, and books, a web browser, free cloud storage for your content, a powerful dual core processor, and a built in webmail application all with a $199 price tag…the Fire is starting to get our attention too.

Foxnews.com published a good article called 5 Reasons the Amazon Kindle Beats the iPad covering some good points.  Of course the Amazon.com webpage on the Fire gives all of the specifications as well.

Some things we like include the price, ability to add other content like Word documents and PDF’s, web browsing and email.  One more…it plays FLASH!

Really the only things we are hesitant about is the 7-inch size and hassel of moving everything from iTunes.

Will the iPad finally get some competition? This holiday season will be a good indication.