Here at we have read through a few computer magazines during our time. My mailbox currently receives a few magazines including PCWorld, MaximumPC and Wired. Special ads for PCWorld and Wired came to the house one day offering a year subscription (12 issues) for something like $12.99. The offer was a little too good to pass up so I signed up.

PCWorld – Love it. Good articles. Good reviews. Good tips and tricks. Ok advertising. Website is useful.

Wired – Hate it. Absolutely hate it. I think I found one article interesting in the first four or five magazines that were delivered. The advertising seemed to be 90% of the magazine (obviously it wasn’t but it seemed like it). The website is ok.

MaximumPC – Good. I like the reviews of different computer components but I find magazines like this often make me want to buy new gadgets that I don’t need. There are good how-to’s and other articles that I enjoy reading. The website is so-so.

MaximumPC has an issue price of something like $8.99 an issue so make sure to get a subscription if you’re really interested.