This page contains various items that didn’t fit in well anywhere else.

CLIENT AREA – What is it?

  • When you sign up for a hosting account or domain name, we create a client account for you.  Billing, renewals, support tickets and so forth are all automated through your client account.  You can log in to the client area here.


  • Dropbox is a file syncing service offering 2GB of free online storage space that can sync with your computer, tablet, phone, etc.  They also have a referral system giving a bonus 500mb of storage space to both those who referand are referred to Dropbox by current users.  Use this link https://db.tt/mcHVFCL so we can both get a bonus 500mb!


  • The design and overall appearance of TheComputerBoy has changed over the years. We are trying to use the same logo on every page but just in case here are some of the ones we’ve used before:
  • thecomputerboy TheComputerBoy.com




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