A day after the creator and founder of Facebook and the President of France had their accounts hacked into (Zuckerberg hacked / Sarkozy hacked), Facebook announces new security procedures.  Interesting timing.

Although our account didn’t have the option to make this full time yet, you may now access Facebook using Secure Socket Layers or what is commonly known as HTTPS://.

Banks and other online merchants have been using this technology for years.  The process basically encrypts data at your local browser using a unique key provided by the website server you are trying to communicate with.  This way once the information leaves your computer and hits the public internet, it is encrypted and only available to the server who’s key was used to encrypt it.  The same process actually happens backwards when the server sends information to you….your browser generates a unique key that is used to encrypt that data.

According to the official Facebook blog to turn the https:// option on full time click on AccountAccount Settings and finally Account Security. Look for the check box option to turn on secure browsing next to the when a new computer or mobile device logs into this account send me an email option.  It wasn’t there for us about 10 minutes ago but should start showing up in profiles soon.

Here is another reason why using https:// is desired.  The main point here is anytime you are in a coffee shop, airport or other place with free internet access we recommend you use some type of secured connection.