I found some of these in a PCWorld Magazine article written by Steve Fox.  We’ve noted before but PCWorld is a good magazine for your arsenal.  Anyhow some rules to put things into perspective.

The likelihood that any digital device will fail is directly proportional to your need for that device to work properly.  This is why unstoppable Windows Updates occur just as you’re about to shut down your PC.

Your computer or laptop will wait to die until just after your warranty for the system has expired.  The encouraging news is that taking out an extended warranty of one year, coincidentally you’ll get one more year and a day before your device dies again.

When you’re entering serial numbers or other tediously long character strings, you will type every zero as an uppercase O and every numerical one as a lowercase 1.  And vice versa.

The next great version, with all the features you really want won’t be released until right after you’ve bought the previous version (and signed up for a two year contract!)