naughtyIn addition to all of the websites we’ve created in the past, maintains several different websites on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Through maintaining these sites, we often discover when someone tries to guess or “brute force” their way into an account. Simply guessing a username and password over and over again until they get lucky enough to get in.

One of the many security precautions we take is installing a tool to monitor these types of attacks. After a certain number of incorrect password attempts, our websites automatically slow down and do not respond as quickly. If the incorrect guesses continue, the IP Address of the guesser is automatically blocked.  To take things a step further the blocked IP Addresses are automatically redirected to a page here at explaining why the IP Address was blocked.

Here is a list of the IP Addresses that have been added in the past few weeks. This may seem like a big list but remember we maintain a lot of websites and these IP Addresses don’t make the list until they’ve guessed incorrectly a large number of times in a short period of time.

We’ll keep the list updated as time goes on.  You may want to look into an option (like Simple IP Ban) and copy and past this list to help protect your site as well.