I recently kept hearing about this “Netflix” streaming service over and over again while at work. It seems coworkers whom I don’t always describe as technically skilled used Netflix all of the time.  I had always heard about streaming movies and television at home but really how good could the quality be. The internet has made vast improvements and I do have “high speed internet” at home but can Netflix be worth it? Is the quality, selection and video good enough to offset the extra expense. I’m here to tell you NETFLIX ROCKS!

Netflix will stream to a Personal Computer, Laptop, iPad, Wii, PS3, XBox360 and more. You can even stream to different devices at the same time. One coworker said he watches movies on his laptop while sitting on the couch next to his wife while she streams her favorite shows to the tv.

The selection for online streaming is huge. I couldn’t find the exact number but I remember reading somewhere that you can stream over 10,000 different movies.

Kids? Stream movies. Stream cartoons. They even have the old school Scooby Do Adventures, Go Go Gadget, Thundercats and more.

They offer a 30 day free trial. 30 days! You do have to provide a credit card to start up but it isn’t charged as long as you quit before the 30 days is over. Try it today. You’ll be watching movies in about 10 minutes.

Netflix – thumbs up.