This is one I often forget about but love everytime I use it.  Have you ever started on a new computer and spent the first day downloading and installing all of the programs you use frequently? Think about how much time is wasted waiting for the installer bar and the necessary “click” to continue. is a website designed to quickly install frequently used programs. From internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera to utilities like CDBurnerXP, TrueCrypt and Team Viewer, there are several categories of quick installs available on Ninite.

Here is how it works. You visit and select the various programs you want installed. Save the installer file that is generated onto your computer and then run the installer file. Each of the programs is automatically downloaded and installed without the requirement of you clicking “next” and “continue” all of the time.  Each install also avoids those pesty “add toolbar” options.

An advanced trick is to keep the installer on your computer.  After a week or two run it again.  The installer will go out and grab the newest version of each program in your install list and update those already installed on your computer!  Instant update for multiple programs with one click.

Ninite is Windows and Linux only.  Try it for yourself.