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Outlook.com added IMAP options to their free email service today. Users of email programs such as Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and others will now be able to sync their Outlook.com email accounts on multiple devices.

Initially we were not that excited when Outlook.com was announced to replace Microsoft’s Hotmail.  “Just another email service,” we thought.  With a little use we’ve come to enjoy the unlimited email storage and especially the ability to bring your own domain name. Google’s Apps for My Domain used to be our favorite but the option to use your own domain for free went away earlier this year. With Outlook.com email accounts you can set up your own custom domain name and up to 500 email accounts for free.

We’ve talked about IMAP vs POP3 email accounts previously (Why doesn’t delete mean delete) but a very quick summary of the two can boil down to one word – sync.  With IMAP setup your folders will sync on multiple devices. With POP3 setup each device has to be updated individually.

More details of Outlook.com mail can be found on the official Outlook Blog – http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-outlook/.

If you need any assistance setting up Outlook email on your own domain, we may know some people who can help out.  Contact Us today.