pebble_target_image-630x537Pebble has announced it will expand sales into Target retail and online stores.  Having sold over 400,000 watches last year through, and BestBuy, the addition of Target stores will give consumers one more location to get their hands on a watch.

We’ve had a Pebble for a little over 6 months now and love it.  Having the ability to quickly preview incoming email, text messages or screen callers without even removing the phone from our pocket is awesome.

Although we love our Nexus 5, the Pebble is snyc’d with a work issued iPhone 5.  The bluetooth range is good enough we can leave the phone on the charger and not worry about missing a phone call, text message or important email while anywhere in the house. An added bonus is the alert the phone gets when it goes out of range (whenever we try to leave home and forget the phone!).

With the recent announcement of Android Wear, we’re not sure Pebble is going to be the smart watch leader forever. Currently there is no competition however, so if you’re interested in a smart watch head down to your local Target (or Best Buy or Amazon…).