Personal update – proud of my wife and the “hobby” she started less then a year ago. Tonight we made a “Projects” page to show off the 30+ novels she’s edited over the past few months. She has a couple more items on the schedule and has already done more then my 3-year-old side business.

Each week she publishes tips to avoid common grammar errors as well as humorous examples of published mistakes. Find and follow her at +Proof Before You Publish, on that FB thing or directly at Thanks everyone for the support.

Reshared post from +Proof Before You Publish

Approaching a year with this new hobby and really enjoying the results…

Projects | Proof Before You Publish

Here are the projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on (in no particular order). All Pepped Up · Assassin’s Hunger · Fix You 3 · Break Me · Briarwood Cottage · Dominate My Heart · Falling Down · First Taste · Fix You 1 · House of Cards · save me · Saving Forever 3 · sleepless nights · Tangled …

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