Picasa is a free software program used for organizing and editing digital photographs on your computer.  Picasa Web Albums is a free online service which provides 1 gigabyte of storage space to be used to store the digital photographs associated with Picasa.  Both are provided by Google and both simply rock.

We’ve been using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums for several months and couldn’t be happier.  We’ll post a basic getting started with Picasa type article in the future but ran across some information today that we thought would be good to pass along.

The free 1 gigabyte allotment of online storage in Picasa Web Albums no longer applies to videos under 15 minutes in length and image files under 800 pixels.  While this doesn’t mean you can save every single image file you have online for free it does mean most images that are linked to on websites, blogs and other online resources probably can be.  Most images used in websites are reduced in size often below 800 pixels meaning they can now be stored for free.  The recent change also makes sense for videos since YouTube (also owned by the big G) allows you to upload unlimited videos but the same videos uploaded to Web Albums used to count against your storage quota.

We noticed a savings of about 10 percent (105 gb down to 94 gb) in our personal account.  Thanks Google…even though we didn’t get a Cr-48 Chrome laptop we still think you are ok.  :)  For more information on Picasa Web Albums here is a link to their Features Page.