An article posted online the other day listed every single leaked bank pin code…

0000, 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, ok you get the point.

There are a total of 10,000 different possibilities when using a 4 digit number code.  If every number was used just once, the odds of you guessing that number on the first try would be .01%.  What if in a sampling of 4.3 million  you learned one number was used 10.7% of the time?  Do you think you could guess it?  Would you change your code if you found out it was that popular?

An article posted at Data Genetics discussed a sampling of 3.4 million pin codes that had been released online.  More specifically the sampling came from millions of passwords that had been leaked over the years and the author concluded that 4 digit numbers used as passwords could easily be used as pin numbers.  Regardless if actually used as a pin number the results were very interesting.

The 4 digit code “1234” was used 10.7% of the time.  This was followed by 1111 (6%), 0000 (1.8%), 1212 (1.2%) and 7777 (0.7%) as the five most popular.  The least popular….8068.

The article points out the high percentage of what appear to be birth years (1972 being the most popular) along with some statistics on longer pass codes.  “8675309” makes the list apparently based on the 1980’s song about calling Jenny along with every geeks favorite “3141592654” possibly in honor of Pi.

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