www.TheComputerBoy.com Google-SEOSearch Engine Optimization or “SEO” is the process of setting up and organizing a website with the intent to increase the search result rankings for the site. Generally if you’ve spent the time and money to build a website you probably have the desire for that website to be easily accessible. Being easily accessible means being popular and showing up in search results whenever internet users search for keywords related to your site’s topic. ¬†This is where SEO come in.

In an attempt not to recreate the wheel we researched to see what Google and others say about SEO. Through this research we found Google’s 32 page “Starter Guide” gave the best overall guide to SEO. Topics such as SEO Basics, Improving Site Structure, Optimizing Content, SEO for Mobile Phones and more are all included.

You can download a copy of the starter guide here or view it directly from Google.

Any websites we build always have SEO in mind from the beginning. From the themes we choose down to the file and image names of attachments used, each play a role in optimizing your site. Contact us today if we can help build you a site.