No this article isn’t about how to find the paranoid, it is how to search if you are paranoid.

Everyone’s favorite Google gives you the option to use search over SSL which ends up providing end to end encrypted searching between your local computer and Google’s servers.  The moment the keyword(s) leave your browser they are encrypted until they reach Google’s servers.  In return Google’s servers encrypt the results and send them in a way that only your browser can decrypt them.  Technically 3rd parties in between you and Google won’t be able to figure out what kind of traffic is going back and forth.

Google’s own help page has a note for School Network Administrators:

How will SSL search affect our content filtering services?

When students search using, their searches will bypass any content filters that are in place on your network. If this is problematic for your school, you can block When students continue to search using, your content filtering will work as it always has in the past.

More can be found at Google’s support page (

To use search over SSL point your browser to  Better yet make it your homepage.  You’ll be searching encrypted in no time.