happy-computer-user-compWe are really happy to announce an upgrade in our hosting services.  Over the next few days we will be migrating all accounts to a new data center located in the southwestern US.  Most of our clients are already geographically located in this area so they should see the benefits of having a nearby server soon.

Our new servers are a little bigger as well. When accounts are migrated over, any account under 1GB of storage space will automatically be upgraded to 1GB! Those over 1Gb already will be upgraded to 5GB!  Just our way of saying thank you.

The new servers also support SNI technology.  This allows the installation of multiple SSL certificates on a shared IP address. While there are still benefits to having a dedicated IP address when using SSL, the requirement (and cost) of doing so may have just gone away. If you are interested in setting up https:// for your site, contact us. Further details of the requirements of SNI technology are listed in the comments below.  

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