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Let’s face it we all need money. If you aren’t lucky enough to find money growing on a tree, the next best thing is a great coupon or discount on something you have to buy.

Last holiday season I ran across an add offering great discounts to students who purchase Microsoft Software.  Ultimately I was able to purchase a full copy of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows7 for around $60 each.  The only requirement was the use of my .edu email address and being enrolled in 1/2 credit hour.

If you attend a community college or local university chances are you are eligible for these discounts as well.  Surf over to MSDN Student Resources on Microsoft’s website and search to see if your school offers discounts.   Another resource from Microsoft available to all students is available at Educator and Student Discounts.

Adobe offers big discounts for students and teachers as well.  Their page is located at http://www.adobe.com/education/students/

There is also http://techhead.org/ which offers a wide variety of software requiring verification like an email address, report card or school schedule.