Question – I’m looking at your hosting packages and noticed subdomains, parked domains and addons listed. What are these?

This question came in via email and we thought it would be good to post the answer for others to see as well. Some basics before we get into the specifics of the answer.

The website address “” can be broken down into three parts.

http:// – this is code telling your web browser to look for webpages. Web browsers assume you are looking for a webpage and often don’t require this to be typed in.

www. – this technically is a subdomain. Subdomains are optional as well. We’ll get more into it below but the actual www usually isn’t needed. – this is your domain name. You must type in the full domain name followed by the tld (.com, .net, .org, etc.).  If you just type in a name without the tld most modern browsers will perform some type of search for that term instead of taking you to that website.

Subdomains – As mentioned above, a subdomain directly precedes your domain name.  Subdomains may be unique webpages themselves, a whole new website associated with the original or simply a pointer to another page. For example a website owner could set up the following:

  • – to display a single web page with frequently asked questions.
  • – could be setup to take users to forums related to the original Unlike just redirecting the viewer to a different webpage the entire forum could be saved and accessed using the subdomain name.
  • – could be setup to redirect the user to the webmail login page for

Having multiple subdomains available gives web masters flexibility when designing and building websites.

Parked Domains – A parked domain can also be thought of as a pointer. The parked domain name points to your existing hosting account / domain name.  For example you may register the domain names of, and By “parking” and anytime a user types in these domain names they will be taken directly to

Parked domains also give web designers some insurance against mistaken identity.  For example and are both parked at helping ensure that a user who types coke or cocacola both end up at the correct website.

Addon Domains – An addon domain allows visitors to reach a folder on your site by typing the addon domain’s URL into a browser. In effect you can “share” any unused web hosting space with more than one domain. For example, one could register domain names of, and By obtaining one hosting account for you could then use and as addon domains.  Each addon domain would point to a unique folder on but would show any website visitors the or domain name instead of something like or

Addon domains give web designers the ability to organize several sites on one host. The downside to relying on addon domains too much is if anything were to happen to your primary domain name (in our above example, then all of the addon domains are affected as well ( &

If you have a hosting account with and have questions about your subdomains, parked domains or addon domains don’t hesitate to contact us through our support ticketing system.