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TheComputerBoy.comIn 2012 merged with  It had really been the same company the whole time (the TCB in TCBHost stands for TheComputerBoy) but for convenience purposes name took over. All TCBHost customers had a client account created and their respective products / services (Domain Names / Web Hosting Accounts) were added to those new accounts.

Clients can log in to their account through the Client Area (  If you don’t know your password a reset option is available by using your email address to have a password emailed to you.

You can always contact me for assistance getting into your account as well.

All future correspondence about client accounts and services will originate from  The control panel still exists if current clients would prefer to continue using it.  You can also use the old TCBHost interface here if you prefer.

I am dedicated to providing quality service to my customers.  If there is ever anything I can do to improve service,  please contact me.

Thank you.

If you are new to – Welcome!  Please take a look for tips and tricksdomain names and web hosting options.  I look forward to assisting you get your website up and running today!