We are a longtime fan of AVG Antivirus for our personal antivirus solution. They offer a free product that doesn’t take up a lot of system resources and more importantly, doesn’t require your attention for daily updates and other non-essential messages.

After we posted about AVG a few months back we took a lot of flack from coworkers about Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials. As with AVG, both Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials offer free products that seem to receive high ratings each year.

A really good review of Microsoft Security Essentials was written today by Whitson Gordon over at Lifehacker.com.  He covers the features, where it excels, where it falls short and even makes some comparisons to some of the other programs out there.

What we really like most about Whitson’s article is the focus on good browsing habits.  Keeping software updated, not downloading unknown or suspicious files, not opening unknown links in emails or in forums are all good tips that do just as much as a good antivirus program.  Take a look over at the original article on Lifehacker.com for more information on Microsoft Security Essentials and Good Browsing Habits.