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This week has been horribly busy but we managed to juggle things around and get some major updates at www.TheComputerBoy.com accomplished.

First and probably the most important is our Client Area is finally open! The Client Area will allow customers who have purchased a domain name or web hosting account from us to sign up for new services, submit support tickets, check server status and more. A link to the Client Area will be  posted on the top right of the website for easy access.  You can register for an account and login without being required to purchase anything.

Another biggie this week was the installation of a secure certificate on our site. This allows our visitors to know their information is secure and protected when they communicate with www.TheComputerBoy.com.  We’ve set most pages on our site to remain unencrypted (http://) however whenever you reach a page requesting sensitive information the page should switch over to an encrypted (https://) connection automatically. While not most technically challenging things to install, the privacy and confidence our customers can enjoy knowing their dealings with our website are secure make this update a big one.

With the Client Area opening this week our domain name registrations and web hosting accounts merged under one roof.  We also were able to break web hosting up into three separate packages / offerings.  You can get a “starter” web hosting package which provides enough resources for a basic website all for approximately $1.25 a month.  If you need more resources we also offer “personal” or “business” plans with varied levels of resources to fit your needs.

Some future items we’ll be working on include a suggestion type box, integrating the Client Area Knowledge Base and Downloads with the rest of the current site and more. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.